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Feature Set

Professional - Level Note Taker

  • Keep track of your images as you take them!
  • Easily record the Camera, Lens, Film and Exposure you used.
  • Attach Notes - both Text and Voice.
  • Reference shot - take a pic of the image, and crop or rotate it so it matches what you are taking with your camera.
  • Email the final set of Notes to your computer
  • Coming Soon - Synchronize your Image Notes with web site with additional features.

Professional Zone System and Exposure Calculator

  • The Zone System in the palm of your hand.
  • The Note Taker has an area for recording the exposure. Non - Zone System users can use the Manual Mode - simply indcate your fstop and shutter speed.
  • Zone System users can specify their Zone 3 and Zone 7 values and the program calculates the exposure and Development (N number) automatically.
  • Of course there are adjustments for Reciprocity, Bellow Extension and Filter Factors. We said Professional and we meant it.

Vibration Sensor

  • Every photographer needs this. Is your camera moving? This app will tell you if there is even the slightest vibration.
  • View camera users can just set it on the bed of the camera. Users of smaller cameras can use a runner's iPhone armband to strap it to the lens or a handy piece of Velcro placed anywhere.
  • If the phone moves you will get an alarm.
  • Can you set the sensitivity? Of course you can!

Photographer's Level

  • Every photographer needs a level. Whether you are a View Camera user who is lining up his shot - doing the Scheimphlug - or you're using a smaller camera and you want to link images together in a panorama.
  • Want to make sure the front and back of a view camera are at the same angle? Yes, there are specific angle readouts. Professional.

Grab Bag

  • Keep track of all your equipment. Cameras, Lenses and Film are on the iPhone right now. We have a site in planning, but its on hold right now. If we decide to finish it we'll give you the ability to manage multiple equipment lists, add accessories and personal items.

References and Tips

  • Online help for each feature, general reference information and a simple description of the Zone System that anyone can follow.
  • Tips from Lenny Eiger, from 40 years of photographic experience.
  • Automatic syncing. As additional Tips and Reference Items are added, they download automatically. Free, of course.